Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Weekend

First, just a layout share...I'm pretty proud of this one. My beautiful Aussie friend, Mistra, sent me a kit full of fun stuff and this is what I made out of it...in my version of her style!

The apartment is still not finished, so I don't have those pics to post yet, but here are a few from this weekend. We all went to Palestine for Toni and Jonathan's Handyman Shower. It's not often we get the WHOLE family together, but it's always so much fun!!!

There's never a lack of laughs with these guys...3 of the 5 brothers.

And here's 4 of the 5...Chance, Ted, Brandon, Brian...missing the Guest of Honor...don't think I ever got one of all 5 of them.

The whole family...Bib and Terry, all 5 boys, the sisters-in-law and little one, and even an aunt, uncle, and some cousins!!!

There were belly-flops a-plenty, or as they're called down here, belly busters!

And chicken fights too!

All together, too much fun...can't wait for the wedding!!!

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