Sunday, August 7, 2011

World's Worst Blogger Award

And it goes to ME! It's funny how I set this up a few years back to keep everyone updated on our lives since we moved to TX from KC...yet I posted once last year, and this will be the first for this year! Thanks for the nudge Wendy...I will try to be better about updating more often. :)

Well, now the problem is where to begin...I thought I could try a month by month recap...the most important happenings of the last year and a half:

March, April, May 2010: Busy with time for fun

June 2010: Chance and I took a cruise out of Galveston to Jamaica, Cayman, and Mexico. We moved from Pearland to Midtown! One of the most exciting thing that happened last year! And we took on a roommate, my friend and classmate, Sarah.

July 2010: I spent the month in Wilmington, Deleware for my summer rotation. Lived with Sarah, at her parent's house, and spent some much needed time at the beach on the weekends. Also got to visit Jonathan and Toni in Philly for their baby shower

August 2010: Welcomed the newest class of Genetic Counseling students. Our niece and nephew, Aspen and Anthony, were born (Chance's step-brother Jonathan's twins).

October 2010: Family trip to Utah. Our niece, Charlie, was born two months early (my brother's baby).

November 2010: Betsy and Sunil tied the knot...another successful Bolton family celebration! (Chance's cousin)

December 2010: Christmas in KC...finally got to meet Charlie. She was two months old, and just the tiniest thing ever! Got back to Houston and had a visit from Jonathan, Toni and the kids too! It was wonderful to meet the twins!

January 2011: Back to the grind of school...prenatal rotation.

February 2011: Consult rotation. Thesis, thesis, thesis.

March 2011: SPRING BREAK!! HALLELUJA!!! My sister and the kids came to visit. Houston rodeo...always fun. And wedding dress shopping with Sarah!!!! First time I've been asked to be a Matron of Honor!! So excited!!

April 2011: Two week elective rotation at the hospital. Thesis was running behind and got pushed back...incredibly stressful month!!!! Interviewed for jobs (3 in TX, 1 in OKC). Finally, defended my thesis!!!!

May 2011: GRADUATION!!! Never thought that day would come. My family came down and stayed for a vacation was fun to be tourists in Houston. Went on a girls cruise with Sarah and Laura (our other best classmate friend!) to Mexico! Went on an early anniversary cruise with Chance to the Bahamas!!!

June 2011: Moved to good ole' Temple, TX. Still adjusting to the small-town life. Flew home as a surprise for our family reunion...first year without great grandma :( Got to spend some time with Lauren (now sister-in-law) for her bachelorette party and bridal shower.

July 2011: Started my new job. And LOVING it!!! Celebrated our 5 year anniversary with take-out and catching up on the DVR. True love :) Flew to KC for my brother's wedding...surprised myself by crying like a baby when he came down the aisle! Such a surreal feeling to see your little baby brother all grown-up with a family of his own. Also spent some time with Chance's cousins in DFW for Elizabeth's bachelorette party and couples shower. And of course the wedding last weekend.

Which brings us to now...August 2011: Survived my first month at the new job. Chance has been at his for a month now too...he took a fitness manager position with Gold's gym in Round Rock, TX. Same position he had before, just with a new company. Our newest nephew, Jack, was born this week, and we can't wait to meet him (Chance's brother's second baby). We are also house-hunting, which has been a lot of fun. We have some good choices narrowed down and plans to go look one more time in about two weeks...then will come decision time! We signed a 6 month lease, so we're hoping to be moved by Christmas!!!!

PHEW!!! I'm sure I've missed some things...but I think that gives a good overview of our happenings. Feels so good to be finished with school and back to the working world. I finally feel able to make time to catch up with old friends, and to take time for myself, just to relax, read a book, or whatever I want! And hopefully be a better blogger :)

Until next year, err, I mean next time....

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Wendy said...

Yay!! Welcome back to the blogging world Trish!! I have missed you! You sure have been a busy woman during the last year! You even gave me the motivation to start blogging also! :) (Though right now there is not a whole lot of exciting fun things to write about.) I look forward to keeping up with you again.