Monday, April 23, 2012

P365: Weeks 13, 14, 15

Saturday 3/31/12: Three pets, two trips to the vet (and back), and $530 later, everyone is caught up on shots and meds.

Sunday, 4/1/12: Treated myself to some prebirthday shopping

Monday 3/2/12: Awesome birthday gifts from my coworker friends

Tuesday 4/3/12: I would make a terrible junkie...a souvenir from my blood draw one week ago!

Wednesday 4/4/12" I might need to straighten up my closet

Thursday 4/5/12: Book club tonight. Didn't even read past the front cover this month. Oops.

Friday 4/6/12: Fuchsia still alive so far

Saturday 4/7/12: Luke hunting eggs

Sunday 4/8/12: Jack's baptism

Monday 4/9/12: Window washing

Tuesday 4/10/12: Typical morning routine

Wednesday 4/11/12: Mysteriously broken :(

Thursday 4/12/12: Cleaning the garage

Friday 4/13/12: A few of my surprise guests! Love these 3 girls!

Saturday 4/14/12: Happy Birthday (party) to ME!

Sunday 4/15/12: Lonely night. Just me, some Chinese food, and the DVR.

Monday 4/16/12: Sure sign of a good party...what wouldn't fit in the dumpster for pickup today

Tuesday 4/17/12: Getting back on a healthy eating plan. Less crap. More real food.

Wednesday 4/18/12: Need to get motivated

Thursday 4/19/12: She's not impressed

Friday 4/20/12: Sick puppy

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