Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where in the World?

Seems like the million dollar question lately has been "Where are you applying?!" So, here you go. There are just over 25 schools that offer Genetic Counseling in the country, and I'm applying to 9. Hopefully, we'll be living in one of these places in a few months time:

Brandeis University- Waltham, MA- basically Boston
Boston U School of Med- Boston
Mt. Sinai School of Med- New York City
Northwestern U Med School- Chicago
U of Arkansas-this is an online program and is the only chance we would NOT be moving
U of California-Irvine- Orange, CA
U of Cincinnati College of Med- Cincinnati, OH
U of Texas Med School- Houston
U of Utah- Salt Lake City

So, there you have it. Fingers crossed.

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