Sunday, January 8, 2012

52 Lists/52 Weeks: #32

I was so excited when I stumbled on this fun little activity on my friend's blog(thanks Wendy!), so I wasted no time tracking down the mastermind and have been eagerly awaiting her Sunday post with the newest list. I don't know how to live without making lists. My dear husband associates list making with things that must be done before fun can be had, but I see them in a much different light! List making can be fun!

I considered starting with #1 and working through the lists that have already been posted, but some of them are seasonal so I figured I would just jump right in and see where it takes me.

If you want to join in the list making fun, visit Kellie's blog here.

#32 Fun Things To Do By Yourself:
* Blogging and Blog-hopping
* Scrapbooking
* Making crafty projects
* Baking
* Reading
* Painting my toenails
* Shoe shopping
* Shopping for other people
* Watching silly tv shows
* Driving around with no destination in mind
* Organizing things

What do you like to do for fun whey you are by yourself???

1 comment:

Jewels said...

God. NAP. that's the only time it's ever quiet!