Sunday, February 12, 2012

52 Lists/52 Weeks: #36 and #37

It's a double day, since I skipped last week's list:

#36: What are your goals for (the rest of) this month?

1. Get packed for this weekend's conference in San Antonio
2. Stick with cooking everynight
3. Buy Chance's birthday gift
4. Plan what to do for Chance's birthday
5. Finish books from October and November's bookclubs (oops!)
6. Get ahead at work to be prepared for Leslie being gone
7. Keep up with Boards study schedule

#37: I am currently:
listening to: The Grammy's
eating: nothing...probably about to pour some cereal for dinner
drinking: Diet Sunkist
wearing: Long-sleeved t-shirt and sweater, jeans, and socks...because it's FREEZING!
feeling: restless and bored
weather: sleeting (does this really belong on an "I am currently" list??)
wanting: furniture
needing: to get to bed's going to be a BUSY week!
thinking: about the day of dread (my birthday is quickly approaching)
enjoying: making progress on all my little projects :)

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