Sunday, February 26, 2012

52 Lists/52 Weeks: #38 and #39

I have gotten quite behind in the 52 Lists, so catching up now...There were a few that didn't seem too exciting, so I had a hard time thinking of things for it a shot anyway.

#38 Music I Can't Stop Listening To:
*Adele-entire 21 album
*Bruno Mars- all!
*Fun-We Are Young
*Michael Andrews-Mad World
*Sia- Breathe Me
*"The Postal Service" Station on Pandora
*"Indie Hits" Station of Slacker Radio

#39 Songs and the memories they bring back:
I have been having a hard time thinking of these, which is one reason I didn't do this list sooner. Seems like the memories come when I actually hear the songs...but it's difficult to simply pull out of my (pretty bad) memory.
*Any songs by "The Postal Service" take me back to 2005 (?) when I was living in Boston
*Songs by BUSH, and old school Britney, BSB, N'SYNC, etc always brings back memories of high school and going in mass groups to the concerts in awesomely bad matching outfits or homemade t-shirts
*Bob Marley reminds me of my nephew Dereck and all of our jam sessions we'd have on pots and pans, and our reggae dance parties in the living room
*Ace of Base takes me way back...can't think of how long ago that was, but I remember going to a baby-sitter for the summer, and being WAY too old for a baby sitter. Fortunately, she had two daughters a few years younger than me and we would rock out to some "I Saw the Sign". Looking back I should just be thankful I didn't have to be the one babysitting my brother and sister, but at the time I was way too cool for that.
*Lots of heavy metal/rock music also brings back memories of high school and my wannabe tough girl days...I went to so many rock concerts (too many to count of remember), it's no surprise my hearing is so bad.
*Not that I ever hear this one...but I remember "Strawberry Wine" by Deanna Carter (?)...totally brings back memories of a family float trip. My best friend at the time came with us and we were so excited that my parents let us have some Boone's Farm Strawberry wine. We thought we were so awesome and we would belt that song at the top of our lungs.
*Eve6 "Inside Out" brings back memories of my first serious boyfriend...I'm really not even sure why. Memories are funny like that.
*There are some certain punk bands/songs (that I can't think of off the top of my head) that remind me of my baby brother and a Buzz Beachball concert we went to. I was so excited that he thought I was cool enough to take him, and he thought it was so cool to go with his cool big sister and without any parents. We had so much fun. I don't get to spend much time with my family, especially my brother, so this is a very fond memory :)
*Texas Rock (Pat Greene, Cross Canadian Ragweed, etc) reminds me of college and the days when Chance and I were just first dating. Awww.
*Any techno music takes me back to college too, especially freshman year living in the same hall with my dear friend Kate. Before we were suite-mates, we would both put on the same cd (yes, we had cds then, no such thing as Ipods yet!) and try to time it just right so we could both blast it and hear it at both ends of the hall! And we later became suite-mates and spent many hours having "girl talk" in our rooms or even just sitting on the sinks in the bathroom between our rooms.
*And of course, Edwin McCain "I'll Be" reminds me of my beautiful wedding to my wonderful husband. This was one of our favorite songs and our first dance as husband and wife. We had our good friend, Garrett sing and play it on guitar for us. So happy to have that special touch to our special day.

Well, I guess once I got started more just kept coming to me! What kind of music memories do you have?

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