Sunday, February 26, 2012

p365: Week 7

Saturday 2/18/12: The most brilliant, full double rainbow I've ever seen. You could see the entire thing, end to end.

Sunday 2/19/12: Oh hey, whatcha doin? I'll help you study.

Monday 2/20/12: Honey glazed chicken and roasted broccoli for dinner.

Tuesday 2/21/12: Lucy's lucky day. New couch was delivered. Claws are gettin' clipped. (UPDATE: Only 2 claws were clipped. Lucy: 1, Humans: 0)

Wednesday 2/22/12: Love our new couch!

Thursday 2/23/12: Better than the ground. My temporary workbench.

Friday 2/24/12: My officemate got me sick just in time for her to be off for two weeks. Lots of Kleenex and sanitizer used today!

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