Wednesday, February 1, 2012

X-Games 2012

Four of my favorite days of the year have come and gone. So many great events, new tricks, new records...I'm a bit tired of Shaun White, but I guess he deserves a bit of credit for the super-pipe 5-peat AND a perfect score. But one that I was anxiously waiting for...Heath Frisby takes gold for first ever front flip on a snowmobile! As soon as he landed, I said "he made it look so easy"...followed immediately by the announcers echoing back my words. But easy it is is unbelievably difficult and dangerous...pretty awesome if you ask me! I wonder what will be in store for another of my 4 favorite days...guess I will have to wait for summer to find out!

UPDATED: Hahaha! I just went back and found this old post. I could have almost copy and pasted some of it! The video has been removed from YouTube, but I think it was Levi Lavallee attempting the double back flip on the snowmobile....same trick was attempted by Justin Hoyer this year, but ended in a bad crash and probably a broken arm from the looks of it.

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