Monday, February 6, 2012

How to Talk to Little Girls

I ran across this post recently, and it really spoke to me and made me think about things that I want to teach my future children. As we are getting closer and closer to starting a family, I find myself considering these things more often. What values do we want our children to have? What are the most important things I want them to learn from me? How can I be the best role model for my own children? A quick look on my Facebook News Feed, and it's easy to see what this article is talking about. It really does sadden me to see these (very few, yet well-intentioned) mothers posting Glamour-shot-wannabe-photos of their little girls, and the influx of "oh, she's so beautiful" comments. And I'm not talking about your every-once-in-a-while-it's-totally-normal-to-show-off-your-kid-being-super-cute photos. I mean the daily postings of moms who truly appear to be fishing for the "cute comments" as if her own self-worth is also based on how many people think her daughter is the most adorable thing ever. While I think a certain amount of dress-up, fairy-tale, princess play is healthy, I want daughters who are intelligent, independent thinkers who value themselves for who they are and not how they look (although, who are we kidding, my kids are gonna be adorable). Food for thought...what do you think?


Leah said...

I agree and think about these types of things as well. Wayne and I have had many discussions on this very topic. Teaching Hailey right from wrong, being kind to animals, minding her manners, just to name a few. Although I feel like I post a lot of pictures of Hailey, they are not by any means meant to be fishing for compliments, etc. It's more for out of town/state family and friends that don't get to see her as much as they would like to. I might have to do a blog post about this now, too.

Trisha said...

I know! Becoming a parent is such a big responsibility, in more than just the obvious ways! I totally agree, and I think most people are like you...I feel the same need to use posted photos as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. And a bit of bragging is good too. A friend just shared another article with me ( that had some more good pointers, and it summarized it so perfectly. I think it's important even to compliment girls/kids on their nice appearance, but not to focus on looks as the most important aspect of a person!