Saturday, March 31, 2012

52 Lists/52 Weeks: #40 Revisited

Remember Week 40's list was to take note of all the good things that week. This week definitely had a lot of good things!

* Beautiful spring weather
* Chance had Saturday off work
* We got tons of yard work done
* I planted some new pretty flowers
* It was an easy work week (Dr. out of town=no patients)
* Builder came out and finally got some repairs done
* Chance got off work early on Tuesday (in fact, he has not worked late all week)
* Yummy dinner Tuesday night (steak and broiled potatoes, onion, and broccoli)
* Had fun giving a genetics talk at Baylor on Wednesday
* Rain!
* Getting caught up at work
* Participating in the new Cancer Prevention Study
* Getting in to the eye doctor before our insurance ends
* Birthday surprises
* Another yummy dinner and our first "Date of the Month Club" date night Friday

So many little things to be thankful for. Life is good.

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Betsy B Patel said...

I love this post. So many happy things! It makes me smile and think of my happy ones as well. :)