Friday, March 2, 2012

p365: Week 8

Saturday 2/25/12: Lots of fun volunteering at the first Texas Angels Pageant

Sunday 2/26/12: Soon to be kitchen valances. Just need a little modification first.

Monday 2/27/12: Pretty new bedding thanks to Target. Next project: headboard.

Tuesday 2/28/12: Stacks of work to be done today.

Wednesday 2/29/12: Celebrating leap year with a haircut.

Thursday 3/1/12: It was a froyo kind of day.

Friday 3/2/12:
Chance: "There's a curtain haning in our tub."
Me: "I know. I put it there."
Chance: "Do people do that?"
Me: "Hang shower curtains?"
Chance: Hang shower curtains in tubs. With no shower."

I don't know. But I do. How else can I keep the sun out of my eyes when I'm trying to oversleep every morning?!

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