Friday, March 16, 2012

P365: Week 10

Saturday 3/10/12: Finished decorating the breakfast nook

Sunday 3/11/12: The kiddy-cats frolicking in the yard on a beautiful day.

Monday 3/12/12: This is the result of turning your back for 5 seconds when you live with a cat who was born with unattended-drink-radar. ALL over the counter, IN the drawer, down the outside AND inside of the cabinets, soaking my magazine that came in today, and splashing an approximately 3 foot radius, plus paw prints from the kitchen to the living room. Awesome.

Tuesday 3/13/12: No words needed. It was that kind of day.

Wednesday 3/14/12: What would I do without the two of you?

Thursday 3/15/12: Leslie is back in the office and we are counting down the weeks for her honey to come home!

Friday 3/16/12: FINALLY got a lightbulb for the fridge!

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Betsy B Patel said...

How do I get my Project 365 pics on Facebook and my blog?