Sunday, March 25, 2012

P365: Week 11

Saturday 3/17/12: Chance wouldn't let me post photo of the day right away, so we had to make due with "announcement to come" which of course makes everyone think we are pregnant, since everyone else I know seems to be knocked up these days. Sorry to disappoint. Still no baby here. BUT, we are very excited that Chance has accepted a new job at Lifetime Fitness!!! This is a really big deal, and I am so proud of him! This is the first time ever that he has taken a new job because he WANTED to, not because he HAD to. And Lifetime really doesn't hire management from outside the company, but Chance is just so awesomely fantastic that they couldn't pass him up!

Sunday 3/18/12: Dex, the newest addition to the Nichols' house.

Monday 3/19/12: Guess I'm still allergic to dogs

Tuesday 3/20/12: There was previously a shelf hanging here, but it decided to jump off the wall tonight. Apparently, I am not the carpenter I think I am.

Wednesday 3/21/12: Working on a presentation we are giving at Baylor next week

Thursday 3/22/12: "Put the camera down and play with me, lady"

Friday 3/23/12: Lucy's secret hideout

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