Saturday, March 31, 2012

P365: Week 12

Saturday 3/24/12: Yard work day

Sunday 3/25/12: I believe red velvet pazookie and ice cream is a perfectly acceptable Sunday morning breakfast

Monday 3/26/12: Cancer Genetics Meeting in Dallas today

Tuesday 3/27/12: Wow. First you tell me I'm probably going to die, and then you ask me for money. 30 is going to be awesome.

Wednesday 3/28/12: Glorious rain. Funny how now that we are homeowners, we care so much more about the weather

Thursday 3/29/12: Enrolled for Cancer Prevention Study today

Friday 3/30/12: I have some of the BEST friends and family a girl could ask for! Tons of little birthday surprises arrived for me today!

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Betsy B Patel said...

Next time you're at a meeting in Dallas (and have ANY extra time - lunch??) PLEASE call me! I'm in downtown daily and would love to see you.